Our Vision

We believe in the potential of people, therefore also in the potential of children, that they are able to and they want to learn. We consider it very important to create those preconditions that can offer children the opportunity to learn in a way that suits their personality. As a result children get the chance to grow into self-reliant, independent people who continuously develop to join society.

People with initiative and good developed creative skills are requested in all walks of life. The Guus Kieft School intends to preserve the abundant intrinsic creativity in children. In our opinion responsibility and collaboration can only come to its full advantage when oneís originality can be expressed in relation to the others.

Our Mission

We want to be a school which can provide the space a child needs to be able to develop, participate and learn in a way that comes closest to his or her own personality. We intend to do this together, therefore together with the children, with active respect for each other as well as for each otherís needs and boundaries. We pay special attention to the children's need to be able to move around, be close to nature and their desire to know more than is written in the books intended for their particular age. We want to give the opportunity to children who want to examine and explore things by themselves. In short: in the period in which children manifest themselves as children more than ever...it seems less appropriate to confront them with consumptive education.

The Guus Kieft School is a new initiative to give children opportunities by offering them the space to develop and let them learn what they can in their own way.

Our school is intended for children from 4 to 18 years old with an emphasis on primary school age. Here children can learn from their own interest, from their own intrinsic motivation. At our school the need for movement, play, music, working with different kind of materials, investigation, experimenting and interacting with the others (children and mentors) belong to the unique learning method.

The Guus Kieft School: in your way, in your context, learn what you can!

"It's very hard to make someone do something he does not want to. It is very easy to make someone do something he wants to."

(Anthony Robins in: Unlimited Power: the new science of personal achievement)

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