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The Guus Kieft School in Amstelveen is a private primary school and its main features are small-scale groups, intensive guidance, integration between learning and “playing” and wide range of education. Every child is curious, wants to explore and learn, though every child does that in his/her own way. Therefore, at the Guus Kieft School it is the pupils’ responsibility to develop their own education with the guiding help of experts and mentors. Due to the fact that the children can follow their own curiosity and interest, they learn effectively with joy and a sense of purpose. "Through the activities (that you take on) you can develop your insights, the knowledge and the skills that you need now and later, while at the same time you can learn what you personally find important to know and to explore." The pupils work either individually or in groups of maximum six; the groups vary by each activity and they involve children of different age. In our school learning does not only come from books, lessons or by using the computer, but also through playing, showing expressions, making experiments and, of course, ‘real life’ experiences. The organising principle of the Guus Kieft School is the sociocratic model, which among others, means that all decisions are made jointly and with the consent of all parties involved, thus also the pupils. The school has a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. The building is situated in nature area at the border of Amsterdam and Amstelveen, at the edge of a landscape park, the Amsterdamse Bos. The Guus Kieft School opened its doors in the spring of 2006 and currently there are around 30 pupils studying. In the coming years the number of pupils can just as well develop into a couple of dozens. Although, the school was established as a primary school, young children can already stream in around the age of 3,5. There is special care available for them. If the pupils would like to delay the start of their secondary education, they can also decide to stream out slowly. In this case the Guus Kieft School can offer a custom-made program.

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